High Condensing Spot AceFor Visual Inspection

Model:SPA2-10SDP / SPA2-10SWP

Features:Inspection for Lens, Filter, Optical Parts

Main Purposes:

  • Discription
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Parameters | ModelSPA-10SWP / SPA-10SDP
ColorCool White(SPA-10SWP) Warm White(SPA-10SDP)
PlacingStand Type
Lens TypeHigh Condensing
Lens modelTKG-3800-250
Intensity ※1162,000-700,000lx (SPA-10SWP)
Iradiatable Area ※2φ11~35mm
Expected LED life ※320,000H (The avarage time until light intensity atenuats to 50% of the initial level)
Filter Size ※4φ39mm
Input VoltageDC15V
Power consumption(Max.)12W
DimmingDimmer on the front panel
Cooling methodHeat sink
Operating Conditions0-+40℃, 20%-80%RH (non-moisture)
Net WeightApprox. 1kg(excluding AC adapter)
AC adapterAC100-240V 50/60Hz
Out putDC15V 0.8A
※1:WD=200mm, For Reference
※2:WD=200mm, For Reference

※3:For Reference

※4:Ask to person in charge