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Company Name: HAYASHI-REPIC CO., Ltd.

Head office address: 1-28-3 Kita-Otsuka, Toshima, Tokyo, Japan 170-0004

Chairman/ General Manager: Atsumi Hayashi

Established on 1st July 1930

Registered funds: 50 million yen 

Employees: 285 people

Manufacture and sell Luminar Ace series of high brightness cold lighting devices; Hi-Matic series of Electric Screwdrivers

Manufacturing, assembling and selling precision metal mold

Manufacture and sale of electronic cooling equipment and design control system

Import and sell precision parts

Making physical experiment device; Designing and making power circuit board

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Korin Electronic is a trading company. Suppling to Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, the Philippines, Taiwan and other Southeast Asian countries or regions. 

Address: Room 1005, Fook Yip Building, 53-57 Kwai Fung Crescent, Kwai Chung, Hong Kong

Tel: 852-2418-1122

Fax: 852-2418-1235

Hayashi Trading (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. is the stronghold of the Mainland of China. 

It sells our products and provides technical support. In recent years, growth has also been remarkable. 

Main products which light source equipment, annular light source for microscopy from HAYASHI WATCH WORKS and HAYASHI-REPIC in Japan

light source device accessories, etc. In the lamp lighting - special purpose lamp industry has been recognized by the majority of customers. 

The company adheres to the business philosophy of "guaranteeing first-class quality and maintaining first-class reputation", 

and adheres to the principle of "customers first" to provide customers with quality services and customer satisfaction.

Address: Room 606-607 Gang Dong Building, 3033 Shennan E Rd, Renmin South Road, Luohu District, Shenzhen

Tel: 0755-8222-7426,0755-8222-7436,


In 1930 Established HAYASHI TOKEI KOSAKU-SHO in Setagaya Tokyo who began assembly and repair of wrist watches as subcontractor for SEIKO-SHA

Head quarter relocation/ Company name changed

In 1930 Established HAYASHI TOKEI KOSAKU-SHO in Setagaya Tokyo who began assembly and repair of wrist watches as subcontractor for SEIKO-SHA

In 1941 Established SANUKI factory in Futtsu, Chiba pref..

In 1948 Established a sales office in Naka-Okachimachi, Taito, Tokyo

In 1952 Head quarter moved to existing place where is Kita-Otsuka, Toshima, Tokyo

In 1964 Began manufacturing parts for wrist watches and own products at SANUKI factory

In 1972 Changed company name to HAYASHI WATCH-WORKS


In 1974 HINAI WATCH-WORKS CO., LTD was established in Odate, Akita pref.

REPIC Corporation was also established by separating the Precision Machinery Division from SANUKI plant.

History of Luminar Ace and Hi-Matic

In 1971 Developed and released "Hi-Matic" series

In 1982 Developed and released "Luminar Ace" series

In 1984 Provided an assemble line in SANUKI factory

Asian strongholds

Establishment of Overseas Branch Lin Hong Kong Co., Ltd. in 1989


In 1989 Opened SENDAI sales office in Miyagi pref., Japan

In 1995 Opened OSAKA sales office in Osaka pref., Japan

In 1998 Changed the name of factory SANUKI to Special products division.


In 2006 Special products division was recognized ECO Action21

In 2008 HAYASHI TRADING (Shenzhen) was established in China


In 2010 HAYASHI WATCH-WORKS merged HAYASHI PRECISION ELECTRONICS CO.,LTD as Electronics Devices division.

New Journey

In April 2018, HAYASHI WATCH-WORKS merged REPIC Corporation and changed the company name to HAYASHI-REPIC CO.,LTD.